Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life Getting Better with Studies~

Hollaaaaaalalaaaaaalalalaa!!!!Back to my page again....How I wish I can spend the time that I spent at facebook-ing and chatting on my blogging...everytime I came online,the 1st thing I will do is FACEBOOKING!Oh my gosh!shudnt be like ths anymore,bcoz I have to do my assignments!!!5 subjects for the 1st semester,and every subject have 2 assignments which divided into individual and grouping one respectively...

The Five Subjects are:INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM,PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING,FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING,INTRODUCTION TO HOSPITALITY and GENERAL LANGUAGE TRAINING.....i hate both Marketing and Financial Accounting subjects...coz its too boring...huaaaaaaaa...=(....the best part is in Financial Accounting,we are actly learning about accounts that been teach during Form 4-5...and i failed that subject in my SPM...=P...basically i really hate something that have to be count and somemore do the head not for the CALCULATION thing la,sorry la my dear lecturer...but by hook or by crook,i have to pass this subject,and pass above 2.0 CGPA overall!!

But then,have to agree that my college life really the best!Life really getting better with studies,friends,classes.....Love to learn something new and something really is my interest-TOURISM!!!Only after attending the classes,I get to knw that Tourism is not about travel ONLY!!!!its also consists event management,learning different languages,cruises,airlines,ticketing....So,Im learning everythng one by one,step by step...after all,IM STILL YOUNG,NO NEED TO RUSH!!!hehehehee...=D

Thanks to God for making my life so beautiful and better...Hope for this 2 and half years,I can really concentrate on my studies and pass with flying colours!May God Bless Me and of course EVERYONE!!!adios amigoz!!!=)

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