Sunday, March 27, 2011

My 1st ever Post fr 2011!!!~

Hollllaaaalalalaaaaaa!!!it has been such a long time d I neva visit my blog,and ya,i miss it so much....>.<,but due to again work and family,i was not prepare for blogging....there is lotsa changes nw,fr ths year,2011....alot of happy changes..=)

Finally,i resigned my job!!!yaaahooooooo!!!!!hahahaha,im so happy when reached my last day at work,that was 23/02/2011,and im on night shift that day.....its like a big stone throw away by myself....guess because of Im totally mentally prepared for that!!!hehehehe...=D

I did lotsa things at home....jogging,cycling,doing house chores....and pretty much of watching televison shows!!wakakaka!!!!hey,come on la,im a girl,and im very sure,there is no girl or even boy that didnt sit infront of the TV for atleast 1 hour!!!TV is part of our life now!!!I forgot the inventor's name,hope that may God bless his soul fr such a innovative creation....=)

So,why I resigned???the answer will be because Im getting married.....huahuahuaahuaaaaa!!!juz kidding!!!actly my dreams finally come true!!!Im joining college tomorrow(28/03/2011)!!!!!=)i waited so long fr ths day,nearly 2 years...huuuuu.....busy earning money,supporting my parents,finally God show me the way....and I reallyx3 thank HIM for that!!!I knw HE is blessing me every second since I was born for this day!!and im truly,deeply,madly touched and happy with the blessings....

I hope it doesnt seems too late fr me to join the college,im nearly 21,but then I knw ppl telling me"there is no age limit fr education",i got that!!but still nervous uh!!!dun knw what im gonna go through fr ths 2 and half years....i hope the path is clear and smooth fr me to sail...i wanna prove the best to whoever that thought that i cant do it,mainly ME!!!ya,im the best motivator and oso the hater fr myself!!!sometimes I do hate myself fr being such a careless,rude,psycho towards others...but I knw that is ME,i need time to change and become better!!!=)

Okay!!!im gonna stop nw,need to pack some things up fr the day tomorrow,finger crossed for tomorrow!!do wish me the best yar!!!Thank you!!!Loves and Hugs!!!muacxxx!!!Nitez and amigos!!!

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