Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Such a Confusing Day!!!haiyOoOoo!!

What you want frm me actually??!!!semma headache laaa...called him today to juz end up evrything,mana tau,end up he said,i wanna b with u,if u can try to be more understanding and not that suspicious when im doing something...and im like...hmmmm....what the hell nw??? much of confusion,so much of probz....why i have to go thru this nw...wondering im so free izit???y laaaaaa!!!!

Am i willing to take the risk nw???am i can accept the way he behave??am i can accept everything???am i stupid???if i say yes,means i have to b strong no matter what happens...
if i say noo,then one prob i strong enough to take risk??can i do that???

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